Pets at home charity giveaway

Pets at Home charity giveaway – please vote for us

We would like to thank Pet’s at Home’s Carlisle branch for supporting us in this giveaway competition.

There are some great prizes on offer & if you would like to vote for us please click here.

When voting for us please enter Carlisle as your chosen store.  Once you do this then you can select Second Chances German Shepherd Rescue.

The winners will be the charities who receive the highest number of votes in each category.

There will be one big prize winner in the national charity category.  The national charity winner will win £50,000 cash and £2,500 in Lifelines.

In the local charity category winners in each region, for first place the winner will receive £5,000 cash & £2,500 in Lifelines, second place will receive  £2,500 cash & £2,500 in Lifelines and third place will receive £1,000 cash & 1,000 in Lifelines.

There will also be 10 runners-up per region who will receive £250 of lifelines.  Additionally, any charity in the local charity category who receives over 100 individual votes will receive £100 in Lifelines.