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Second Chances German Shepherd Rescue

Second Chances German Shepherd Rescue is a Scottish charity – we cover Scotland and Northern England.

Since its inception in 1995 from an idea by Peter and Gwendolyn, Second Chances for German Shepherds has been solely occupied with the health, welfare and well-being of this noble breed.

Second Chances was granted charity status in 1997 and the charity was reconsistuted in 2001. Throughout this period the charity has been, and still is, run entirely by a group of volunteers dedicated to the breed. These people give freely of their time and energies to ensure that the German Shepherd dogs in their care receive the best possible attention.

German Shepherds come into the rescue for many reasons: relationship breakdowns, changes of employment, allergic reactions and, sadly, family bereavement, to name but a few.

Without exception all the dogs are assessed and handled by one of Second Chances’ devoted and experienced volunteers before being placed in one of their carefully-checked homes. This ensures that the transition to the new home goes as smoothly as possible.

Second Chances is a small Scottish charity that relies heavily on its membership for funding. Charity events are organised to raise funds for rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming. Being small, Second Chances offer a very intimate service, the volunteers handling all the dogs as though they are their own.

Second Chances’ devoted volunteers cover the whole of Scotland and the North of England and are only too willing to offer you any help and advice with your German Shepherd.

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