Meet Prada - We need your help to save Prada’s life

Prada is just 2 years old and came into the charity last year, when we were asked by a local authority kennels if we could help rehome her, after she was handed in by her previous family.

Second Chances stepped in to help and we asked one of our supporters, Hazel, to help us by fostering Prada.

Hazel worked hard with Prada, showing great patience and kindness, which has been rewarded by the trust Prada now places in Hazel. Prada was also helped by Hazel’s Second Chances dog Deano.

Prada was getting checked for being spayed at the vets, when the vet noticed that Prada had a heart murmur, which needed checked out further. 
Prada went for an ultra sound scan and the sad news is that she has a serious heart defect that requires an operation to correct.
The good news is that as a young dog the prognosis is good.
Prada has a Patent Ductus Arteriosus and an Atrial Septal defect, which means she has a hole in her heart and some of the blood flow that should be going round her body to deliver oxygen is going back into her lungs instead. This is enlarging the bottom of her heart and putting it under a great stress.

Unfortunately if she doesn’t get the operation, which will cost over £5,000, her life expectancy is very short.

Second Chances are supporting Prada through this operation and we hope you will support us to raise the funds for the operation to get Prada back onto her paws again.

We need your help and you can do so by either making a donation or raising funds by organising an event, such as sponsored walks/cycles/swims, cake bakes, car boot sales, etc.

Any help you can give is much appreciated
Thanks from Second Chances, Prada and her family

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