In memory of Mheera

Anyone who has loved and cared for their dog knows how it feels to lose one, your whole life comes to a standstill and the sadness is indescribable.

 We still remember the day we brought Mheera home, we were amazed and stunned, firstly by her beauty, and also by her size!

That was 11 years ago and she was just over a year old.

We celebrated her every day, always knowing just how lucky we were to have her and it`s only now after we had to say goodbye to her on the 8th of December 2018, we are just starting to remember the happy times, holidays, pictures, and all the memories that she gave us and how she made us laugh and laugh and cry, although it will never be the same without her.

Mheera was a big character, a big personality and very cheeky!


She didn’t know the meaning of slow, or take your time, or hold on, she was constantly telling us to come on and hurry up, you’re too slow, and she talked all the time, as German Shepherds do.

She was also a great ambassador for the German shepherd breed. The neighbours local to us who either have a dog or not would tell me they preferred smaller dogs and didn’t know how to approach a German Shepherd, that they were sometimes a little wary, until they met Mheera and she helped change their minds and took away some of the worry that had been there.  I loved walking with her, she turned heads everywhere she went

Throughout her life she attended all of her training classes, and passed all of her exams, to Senior Advanced Level and she was always ready for anything.  

She has visited all around Scotland on holiday, goodness knows how many times, been on every beach in Scotland just about, Lewis, Harris, Malaig and Arisaig, Loch Lomond and Glencoe, to name but a few, and lived her life to the full, so playful and puppyish her whole life and enjoying everything she experienced.

We could talk forever about Mheera as I think we all could about all of our own dogs but we wanted to share this with you, a short poem we wrote a year or two ago which is framed in our home and it sums up how we feel about her.


Precious Girl

Precious in every way, our hearts burst with love, so much love for you,

for your ears, paws, tail and teeth, smile, tummy tum, soft fur,

for your barks, whimpers, whines and cries

and the amazing wisdom in your beautiful eyes,

your hugs and cuddles and excitement, kisses and grumbles,

the way you lean into us and your little mumbles.


For your character, playfulness, mischief, knowing ways and cheek,

the way you twitch, jump and run in your sleep,

the way you talk to us without saying a word

and the way chee chee cats and carrots are your favourite words,

the way you love us with all of your heart and the way you miss us when we are apart.

All for you, our hearts are so full,

they always have been and always will.

Forever our Precious Girl



We gained in life when we brought Mheera home from 2nd Chances German Shepherd Rescue. We were the lucky ones and our lives were better for her, we were honoured to be her owners, and so proud of her, she was our life, our beautiful shining star and we miss her beyond words, she was simply amazing.

 Thank you 2nd Chances German Shepherd Rescue for giving Mheera to us.

 We will never stop loving her.

 Our special, beautiful precious girl, Mheera.