In memory of all our faithful GSDs

Sadly German Shepherds do not live as long as we would like them to; and we have lost a number of dogs this year. Its hard to know why their passing affects us so much, but there is something about German Shepherds, they seem to bond so closely with us and seem to creep into our souls.

Is it their beautiful brown eyes – ever watchful.

Keeping an eye on their owners, even when stretched out apparently dozing after a long walk.

Is it their ears. Straight and alert. Like periscopes, always moving, following our sounds around, should we dare to move out of their vision.

Is it their paws. Big and strong. Powering towards us over the grass.

Is it the expressive face, watching us leave with sadness in their eyes and ears, but excited and happy on our return.

It is all of the above.

And so much more.

It is their constant companionship.

They are like an Ever Ready battery – always up and ready for whatever we are doing. Keen to be with us. At our side.

Whether it is going out for a walk – they are there, beside us.

Whether it is doing a spot of gardening – they are there, beside us.

Or even having a lazy hour on the sofa reading a book – they are there, beside us. Happy and content just to be with us.

Always beside us at our side.

You are my shadow. Always there with me. Even now, when you are not physically there. You will always be there. With me, always.